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  The management of AsiaSource have decades of experience manufacturing in Asia. That experience, coupled with the ability to fluently speak the local language, allows us a more efficient cost structure and reduces operational issues.  For instance, we are able to work directly with our Asian suppliers, avoiding a series of middlemen with their own agendas, markups and potential for miscommunication.  Additionally, our Asian employees don't need to come from the higher salary areas of Asian, and we also don't need expensive US expatriates on the ground in Asia in order to ensure quality. We work in each country with highly capable people from that country, which is the best way to effectively use local know-how while managing your costs. It also means that we are able to work in the non Westernized areas of Asia, which results in better pricing for our customers. We talk directly to decision makers, without the imperfect filter of a translator.  We go straight to the source, wherever the optimal mix of cost, quality, delivery and technical expertise resides.

You can review more details about our experience by reviewing the resume of our key executive:

  AsiaSource also partners with proven resources outside our firm to ensure that the quality and performance expectations of our customers are met. Our associates include Westerners with great technical depth to resolve the complex technical issues that sometime arise when sourcing offshore. They also include highly experienced staff in Asia who work with our suppliers to continually improve their performance. They can also be onsite in a mater of hours to resolve any urgent issues that arise.


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