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The AsiaSource Advantages



  • We have over 80 years experience with Asia sourcing for multinationals, including starting up and running factories we live and breathe Asia manufacturing.
  • Our extremely thorough, ISO-type processes ensure you don't repeat others' mistakes.
  • Our local technical employees guide and oversee suppliers at every step in our process.


  • Our infrastructure in China's third tier cities results in a very lean cost structure enabling us to be highly price competitive.
  • Our deep, long-term expertise in Asia means we can "go local" and do not need to work through expensive Hong Kong or Taiwanese or Shanghainese employees or partners.
  • Bringing multiple clients to the same, reliable Asian partners results in pricing more competitive than a single client can get on their own.
  • Deep understanding of Asian negotiating techniques ensures you don't leave money on the table.

Quality and Delivery

  • Our extremely thorough sourcing process eliminates variation and avoids surprises. 
  • We are steeped in the six sigma, lean, SPC, 5S and TQM processes of leading global companies. We are deeply engaged with our suppliers not just to get you good parts today, but to continually improve their ability to reduce variability and eliminate waste in their operations.
  • We only work with suppliers who demonstrate deep understanding of and high interest in operational excellence.

Risk Management

  • We use a systematic, culturally attuned process to weed out potentially unfit suppliers before we get started on your parts. We assess:
    • how deeply rooted operational excellence is in the company's DNA
    • how genuine of a continuous improvement program is in place
    • how responsive top management would be to input from us
    • whether management takes worker and environmental protection seriously
    • how much fear there is between levels of the organization
    • how consistent management statements are with demonstrable facts
    • how clear management is willing to be when clarity is required
    • whether continual pricing games are likely to be played.
  • We are heavily involved at our suppliers in every step of the sourcing process to guarantee systematic and effective progress.
  • We perform ongoing quality inspections in Asia so that any issues are identified and eliminated before your goods cross the ocean.
  • We work closely with you to ensure absolute clarity of requirements, which eliminates the costly misinterpretations so prevalent in global sourcing. 
  • We develop an ongoing testing process for your parts to eliminate ambiguity of expectations. Test reports we provide with each shipment mirror the test results you see if you inspect the parts yourself.

Financial Strength

  • AsiaSource, LLC is funded by a $40M private equity firm. This gives us the financial capacity to manage large transactions without missing a beat.

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